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1 answer

How to pass page variable in URL string upon click

I have a link to a 3rd party page, and I want the link to capture a unique customer number in the data/page and show it in my url string. Does Tridian use brackets to capture data in a URL or some ...
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1 answer

Problem in Link_Info table

I have a problem with the Dynamic Linking functionality. I have a Component Template which renders the rest of the Components of the Page, so when I try to find a Component of this Page in the ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Linkinfo is not getting generated properly in few targets

I have a strange behavior in my application. I am using file system at the content delivery side. I can see that all linkinfo is created as csv files. This linkinfo is not getting created properly ...
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Disabling com.tridion.linking.ComponentLink logging tomcat

We have a size problem with our catalina.out. We are configuring the file and the files. We are setting all of the log levels to WARNING or ERROR, but in catalina....
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Performance gains from storing LinkInfo in DB v/s File System

We are running SDL Tridion 2011 SP1 for publishing a Java (JSP) based website (IIS 7.5 & Tomcat 7). The website does not use Dynamic Content Broker and rather uses local file system for storing ...
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