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Restrict Keyword to be published in Taxonomy for local sites

We have a requirement where we need to restrict publishing of certain Keywords of a Cateogry, for only 1 local site. All Category/Keywords are created in 100 Schemas level, (so they are inherited for ...
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IsLocalized randomly failing

I have a function that localizes a Component (if needed) before updating its content. I'm randomly getting errors when, after this call, I try to update the content, getting a 'It is not possible to ...
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No Localization found for additional url

SDL Sites 9.1 and DXA 2.2 is set up, DXA 2.2 Default site is working on a defined URL. When we wanted to set up a local web app to work with for example http://localhost:9070, we did the following: ...
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Localized content within same localization

In the project I am working has got new requirements !! They want us to include additional language without creating more publications (as we already have 2 more besides English) and that for ...
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SDL geolocation services

Is there a way we can communicate with Tridion to see where a visitor is connecting from? The idea is a user visits a page, then determines their location and based on their location then perform ...
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Optimal way to handle un-localization of components?

Is there a way to trace and get the unlocalized content by accessing the database? Some of our content got un-localized and we are not able to trace how this could have happened. To prevent such ...
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Content Porting Localized & Renamed Structure Groups Fail

Have got a child Publication which has got many structures groups localized and renamed to have the titles in the respective local language. When I content port the entire Publication from one ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Behaviour of untranslated fields during translation

it interests me how the fields not marked as translatable behave during translation. For example: I have component in English and its translated to Spanish. I update untranslatable field in ...
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Usage history for unlocalized items?

I know that when you localize a component, you create a new one with its own history. We have had complaints from users that they have localized and translated components and later on, they have "...
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Is it possible to use Content Porter 2009 SP2 to help translation?

We've delivered a large site in Tridion 2011 SP1 HR1 and our client is looking at rolling at a language variation. We don't have Translation Manager in place and the client would like to extract all ...
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Naming Conventions for Localized Items?

In addition to fields we can localize item and organizational item names. I see maybe three use cases for localizing names depending on the setup. Templating. If templates use paths or item names (...
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2 answers

Content Porter Fails for Localized Pages

I'm using SDL Tridion 2011 SP1 with Content Porter 2009 SP1 & (tried in SP2 as well) I have a child website publication which inherits from a parent website publication. All pages are inherited ...
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2 answers

Multilingual literature not getting available on site

Kindly help me on that i do have multilingual literature say for X country and localized that component, after republished the same component on language level, the literature is not available on site ...
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Unable to unlocalize a Component because a Publish Transaction is in process

We have a Page navigation.xml and it is associated with a Component which has been localized. Now, when we try to unlocalize that Component, it gives the error: "Publish Transaction is in process, ...
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