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Error when building DXA 2.2 Java webapp for Sites 9.5

I have the installer for SDL DXA Java 2.2, and would like to build a webapp for Sites 9.5. When running prepare.bat from PS cmdlet, I initially saw this error: > Could not resolve all artifacts ...
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DD4T 2 Java and Maven Build Failing

I'm trying to Build DD4T 2 Java, using the following POM's and Maven (with version changed from 2.0.6-SNAPSHOT to 2.0.5. I am using the 'cd-8.1.0' profile for the CIL / CIS dependencies POM - https:/...
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How can I just use the portion of DXA or DD4T which enables deserialization of TRIDION-published XML files?

I have an existing Java web app which will soon be making use of some components published from Tridion as files in DD4T format. I'm wondering which specific portions of the DXA or DD4T I can use ...
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DD4T 2.0.2 jars not available in maven for DXA 1.2 release

I am compiling the DXA 1.2 standard project with the help of mvn command but getting this error. why project is not able to download all dd4t 2.0.2 jar files from the maven repository? [ERROR] ...
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DD4T for Java - Maven unable to find cd_model.jar and cd_core.jar

I'm having problems building the DD4T project to build with Maven in Eclipse (Java EE). When I try to build the dd4t-api project using Run as > Maven build the build fails with a message in console ...
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