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Tridion 2013 SP1 Page URL

I am working on Tridion 2013 SP1, and navigation is based on Structure Groups and Pages. We have a Structure Group defined under Root and currently the page URL is displaying according to that. As per ...
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Get internalLink destination URL on _Navigation Publish

We currently have Web 8.5 and DXA 1.7. Our _Navigation Page is created using Structure Groups and Pages. We can add a Redirect Page to add Links to the navigation which then take the web visitor ...
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Structure Group prefixes in RTL languages

I am involved in creating of a website in Hebrew (and a corresponding publication for it in Tridion). The other publications for LTR websites are using number prefixes for the navigation and so should ...
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Deployment Processing Phase: Error occured while pushing PagePublished data to webservice

I occure the following error in the Deploying phase: Phase: Deployment Processing Phase failed. java.lang.Exception: Error occured while pushing PagePublished data to webservice. Published Xml: tcm:...
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Logic of Navigations in DXA 1.6

I found Navigations' models (NavigationLinks.cs in Sdl.Web.Common) and saw the source code of controller NavigationController. However, it's hard to understand logic of its realization. Is there any ...
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Category-based Navigation in DXA

I am using DXA 1.6 in SDL Web 8. I'm trying to use a Taxonomy to generate the site navigation. As mentioned in DXA's documentation, we can generate navigation using a Category whose name contains [...
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Error when publish _Navigation page

I have an error when I publish the _Navigation page. After some time in rendering status it fails and give us this error: "Error during serialization or deserialization using the JSON ...
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In-page Navigation with DD4T

I'd like to suggest to my technical team (DD4T Java) a DD4T version of In-page Component Presentation-based Navigation. In other words, we want to create something like the following. <ul> &...
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Achieving versioning in taxonomy

I am trying to use taxonomy for navigation. I wanted to know if there is a way to have versions of taxonomy.
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How i attach Navigation menu on each pages on Sdl Tridion and how i display pages on click of navigation menu tab?

I am working on a SDL Tridion and I am new to Tridion. I create many pages and a Navigation menu but I am facing a problem on attaching this on each page, and to create linking on click of navigation ...
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Link to a page and pass query string

I have a search page with a refiner drop down on left side, on my home page i have a drill down menu with some static menu items. these menu items and refiner drop down items on the search have same ...
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Navigation with DD4T and MVC

What is the best approach for building navigation with DD4T and ASP.NET MVC? From Tridion I was thinking to publish the Structure Groups as XML, including URIs for the Pages, and then in the MVC ...
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Deployer extension / Navigation XML

We've been discussing how to build navigation that is inline with the content that is published from SDL Tridion. We typically see two approaches: 1) An xml page is published from sdl tridion that ...
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