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Increasing the 'MaximumJobSize' in Translation Manager

When sending a bundle that contains more than a hundred items for translation (to TMS), the translation job (on the Tridion side) is split into multiple translation jobs on the TMS side. For example, ...
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Performance issue with S3 ECL provider

I have identified a performance issue with our S3 ECL provider. Its an improvement based on I am seeing Tridion is downloading thumbnails into ~SDLWeb\...
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Opening create Translation Job window is very slow

I'm using Translation Manager with SDL Web 8.5. Creating a component and click Translate menu, it often takes a long time(more than 1 minute) to open the Translation Job popup window, or it never ...
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52 views performance analyzer

When we try to debug query instance performance with Fredhopper support, they allways require and based on it they provide some statistics from it which looks like this: Has anyone ...
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Is Content Service's performance no problem compared with in-process API?

I'll upgrade Tridion 2013 SP1 to SDL Web 8.5. Then Broker API will be changed to RESTfull API (Java) from in-process API. I'm concerned about Content Service's performance on SDL Web 8.5. On Tridion ...
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Why a Deployer worker with Redis BinaryStore pauses execution then resumes?

I have the following: SDL Web 8.5 AWS cloud setup 1 deployer endpoint, dedicated instance 2 deployer workers, dedicated instances JMS notifications between deployers (Amazon SQS) Redis BinaryStore (...
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Experience Manger invoke call lag for non-administrator

When launching Experience Manager as a non-administrator, there is a page invoke call that takes a nearly five minutes to respond. But when launching as an admin, the same call executes in less than ...
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Slow images on DXA .NET 1.5

We are building a site with .NET DXA 1.5 and SDL Web 8. I have a problem where images seem to be taking a long time to load (between 300ms and 4s) where different images were loading in different ...
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Query news component at WEB 8

We have a page to load & show all published News component dynamically. The component number is pretty big, more than 100. When we start query, it can support pagination. But it can only return ...
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Very slow DXA response times under performance testing

We're implementing a .NET DXA based solution for a client, and part of the scope of work will be to conduct load testing to bring the site in line with a performance budget. Our initial ...
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Broker Query takes time to execute for large data (Tridion 2013)

We are making broker query to fetch some forms data which are not user specific. There are total around 1000 forms and for different users the result is different based on the Query Criteria. ...
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SmartTarget Performance Factors?

When I describe Functional Requirements for SmartTarget (ST), I gather: Triggers (for ADF Claims) Possible/known Trigger values ST Regions Expectations for ST Promotions (quantity) I'll also suggest ...
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CoreService 'ReadFlags' enum 'none'

I'd like my core service application to be as efficient as possible so i'm checking and double checking when I create a 'ReadOptions' object that I'm using the correct ReadFlags property. I see there ...
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Best approach to fetch data from broker database or from filesystem?

I need to fetch Component data in a User Control from the Presentation Server, and I have 2 ways: First published the Component to Broker and then use the Broker API to fetch the content in the User ...
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