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Fredhopper Indexer's qserver instance consuming too much CPU

Preview page is loading within 1.7 mins, FH query took 6.084 secs and QServer consumes more than %95 CPU. This as a blocker problem, results in slowing down the whole system. Is there any way of ...
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4 votes
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SmartTarget Promotion Query Randomly Throws Exception

We have SmartTarget implemented on a page which has multiple regions. To facilitate this we have multiple SmartTarget query tags sitting on the .jsp page to perform the queries and fill in the page ...
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Broker: find a Page using a specific Component and Component Template

I have a use case where I need to find the Page URL from a Page using a certain Component Presentation (given componentId and templateId). I am trying to find the Page using Criteria but I can't find ...
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TaxonomyKeywordKeyCriteria ignores publication Id

I'm using TaxonomyKeywordKeyCriteria to find Components that have a related Keyword. I only have the Keyword key and not the TCM URI. My code: Criteria criteria = new TaxonomyKeywordKeyCriteria(...
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How can i retrieve components using broker query with sort parameter over optional metafield

I have a requirement to sort on optional custom date for components. I have 25 components matching criteria and 1 component with published date (metadata field) empty, but its returns only 24 ...
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How to exclude results in graphql query

I want to find a page through its keywords and/or metadata. I have this query that works correctly and returns all the pages with the keyword 9999 and aValue. { items(filter: { namespaceIds: [1],...
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How to query component with a multi-value component link field inside

I need to query for components that all have the same component linked inside a multi-value component link field. I can query simple string fields without problem using CustomMetaKeyCriteria/...
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