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Razor template with tridion sites 9 without razor-mediator

I am trying to preview razor template enabled page but I am getting error "Unable to get template type with ID 8 for item tcm:xx-xxxx-xxxx." not sure it requires Razor mediator to be installed. but ...
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2 answers

Is Razor Mediator compatible with Tridion Sites

We are planning to upgrade Tridion 2013 SP1 HR1 with Razor Mediator to Tridion Sites 8.5. Are there any breaking changes in 8.5 for Razor Mediator? Will Razor Mediator be supported in Tridion 9?
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Compounded Dynamic Component Templates

I built a setup in our previous Tridion 2011 installation which uses a Dynamic Component Presentation to render a container, and dynamic collection of dynamic article tiles in the following manner. A ...
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Razor Import Caching problem

Right now it seems that the razor imports get cached, and you need to "touch" (make a minor change) to the TBB that is using the razor import. This usually isnt a problem unless of course you're ...
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