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Custom Rendering for different publishing targets when triggered in Workflow

We have multiple publishing targets part of workflow. Content will be published to each target when the activity instance is started. We want to capture the rendered data in the first activity ...
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Maximum amount of transacations in waiting for publish State

I came across a situation where if I have more than 500.000 transactions in the "Waiting for publish" state, then publisher treads get messed up. I am guessing this is because the "...
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Why transport package on deployer does not contain components.xml when I publish page in json format?

We are publishing page output in json. We are not using any DWT code to generate json. To generate json, we are doing changes at page template TBB. Json output is coming in below format. "regions": { ...
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Delete component which is not used but rendered with

I have a component which is not used in anything but it is published dynamically. What do I have to do to be able to delete that component? I tried to unpublish components using the template which ...
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Can I change RenderedItem Metadata in a custom Renderer?

I want to alter the metadata that is added when publishing items to SmartTarget and as such was looking into adding my own, custom Renderer to the rendering pipeline after the SmartTarget renderer (...
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