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Create a Windows Service for our connector in Tridion Cloud

We’ve been building and maintaining a connector for Tridion for the last 10 years. This connector has some menus and pages on the GUI side, but also a Windows service that runs in the background. This ...
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NullPointerException while assembling "Xml Document" DCP

When I use ComponentPresentationAssembler to get the content of a Dynamic Component Presentation with output format "Xml Document", a NullPointerException occurs on the Content Service. If I change ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Tridion Publisher Issue - Fails nightly

Within our environment (doesn't occur in any lower environments) I am seeing the following error every night in the TcmPublisher.xml. I am thinking there is some batch process running every night ...
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2 answers

Tridion service account login issue over LDAPS

We have configured LDAPS for authentication in our Tridion instance. We were able to login to tridion using service account(something like MTSUser) before enabling LDAPS but after LDAPS is enable( ...
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How can I get a published page url having a component using odata service api?

I am using odata service to query broker database. I want to get the page detail which is created from a given component. I have a list of components and for each component I want to fetch all the ...
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DD4T + OData service

I'm using DD4T and have some XML being generated which I can now query from the OData service. Unfortunately the DD4T content comes back serialised into the content property of the response. This ...
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