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For questions related to Session Preview. The feature of Experience Manager, that allows users to see their changes without having to republish.

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Is it possible to use Experience Manager Session Preview without the Ambient Data Framework?

I have a (currently theoretical) Java based architecture where there are no SDL Tridion elements (jar files/jsp code/filters etc.) the staging website. Is it possible to use Experience Manager (XPM) ...
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Blocked CSS files for Session Preview only in Internet Explorer

I'm troubleshooting a Session Preview issue in Experience Manager for an ASP.NET training site (IIS 7.5). Setup: Site.Master includes: <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" ...
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What needs to be configured (on CM) when removing session preview for Experience Manager?

I want to use Experience Manager without session preview enabled. I simply removed the oData endpoint and staging website URLs from the Publication Target Session Preview tab (and restarted IIS) but I ...
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How can I get Experience Manager Session Preview temporary files to be tidied up?

Experience Manager Session Preview causes temporary files to be created for pages and binaries in my staging website (html pages published to Tomcat 7 - stuff like index_789816da-1614-403f-9538-...
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Unable to preview the page. There is no publication target defined for this SiteEdit enabled website?

I'm trying to set up Preview on an XPM-enabled site. The XPM part works fine, but when I press "Update Preview" I get this message: "Unable to preview the page. There is no publication target defined ...
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CSS not being rendered in "PreviewDynamic" mode

I'm having problems UI-enabling a site upgraded from 2009 to 2011 SP1. We have the UI working, and Session Preview automatically publishing / updating, however when preview updates none of the CSS ...
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UXM The resource cannot be found error when clicked on Update Preview button

I'm using the "User Interface Update for Tridion 2011 SP1". I have two applications in two different languages. In IIS, one Application is added (as Add Application and has seperate application pool ...
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Database exception on Session Broker database for Experience Manager on Tridion 2013 SP1

I'm having difficulties getting Experience Manager working on Tridion 2013 SP1. I have checked against the quick start documentation for Tridion and Experience manager, ensuring I've met each point. ...
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XPM "Update Preview" not working

I am struggling to get XPM preview to work in Tridion 2013, and I am not sure which steps to take exactly to solve this issue. I can open the Staging website pages in the CMS context (frame). I can ...
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