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For questions related to Session Preview. The feature of Experience Manager, that allows users to see their changes without having to republish.

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Is it possible to select multiple values for an XPM Footprint?

I have created a custom Footprint representing the customer's segment (not related to Audience Manager segments) and its currently working fine set up as a FootprintRadio control, allowing the Editor ...
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Web 8 Update Preview error

I have installed SDL Web 8 with the "old publishing framework". When I make Update Preview I have the next error: I have installed the next stand alone microservices: Content Deployer (with Legacy ...
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UXM The resource cannot be found error when clicked on Update Preview button

I'm using the "User Interface Update for Tridion 2011 SP1". I have two applications in two different languages. In IIS, one Application is added (as Add Application and has seperate application pool ...
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Problem in load balance enviroment with XPM

I have found a problem working with XPM in a load balance environment with two servers. The Update Preview Button is always showing me the alert to update the preview of the Page. In the SDL ...
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"The transaction under which this method call was executing was asynchronously aborted" when creating page in XPM

Trying to create a Page out of Page Type in XPM gives the following notification: The transaction under which this method call was executing was asynchronously aborted Details: Server stack trace: ...
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Experience Manager: "Update Preview Your changes to this page is not up to date"

I'm using SDL Web 8.5 with DD4T 2 (.NET) and Experience Manager in code. I've also got DDD4T.IsPreview set to true in the web.config: Page view: @if (XpmExtensions.XpmMarkupService.IsSiteEditEnabled(...
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