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Rest content manager API configuration

After generating the access token in postman I am trying to list the publications using below Url https://hostname/api/v2.0/publications But I am getting below error in postman "message" : &...
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Java DXA version on Tridion Sites 10

We are migrating from Tridion Sites 9.5 to Tridion Sites 10. What version of DXA is adapted to Sites 10?
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Tridion Sites10 presentation server error

We use Tridion Sites9 with DD4T java and are going to upgrade to Sites10. We move Sites9's web application modules to the sites10 presentation server and replace sites9's jar files with sites10's jar ...
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GUI extensions for Experience Space - Open ContentExplorerPanel

I am trying to open a custom modal pop up from experince space to show list of item (component and pages). I do see list of built-in panel of the Content Explore in the node modules with below list of ...
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GUI extensions for Experience Space - Not working on Local

Trying to Implement Experience GUI extensions for Experience Space using below documentation:
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