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Custom ECL Provider GetItem method behaving differently in 9.6 environment

We are performing an upgrade from TridionSites 9.0 to 9.6. A custom ECL Provider that we are using appears to be behaving slightly differently and is causing errors in the 9.6 environments. 9.0 ...
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2 answers

EventSystem High CPU Utilization & Delay in Functionality

In SDL Tridion 9.1, we suppose to write Anguilla (JS) Event Handling for Tracking all the Event Logs (like Component checkin, checkout, delete, save, Page publish, unpublish...etc). We upgraded to ...
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TridionSites 9.6 and DXA 2.2 upgraded: PCA client returned an unexpected response when retrieving page model data for page

We are getting the http 500 error on the webpage which are using the Redirect page templates. While trying to investigate we found that when DXA is trying to call the PCA client to get the page model, ...
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