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Bulk publishing failure with SI4T Deployer extension

Beginning in early July, developers see that bulk publishing has a high rate of failure for a Web 8.5 UAT environment with the si4t Deployer extension implemented. Apprx. 30 pages with 12 components ...
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how to receive contentXml values in xml format in solr Apache?

When we send a query to get the information about a component which has ContentXml from apache solr we got the result as a string value <result name="response" numFound="1" start="0"> <...
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Binary documents are not getting removed from SOLR when we unpublish the Page

We have a Web 8.5 .NET platform with DXA 2.0 and SI4T. We have a web page with binary documents and when we publish the Page, the required fields and binary documents are indexed into SOLR ...
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Solr Search query for null/blank instances of a schema field?

We're trying to use the advanced search in the Content Manager UI in Tridion 2013, and have selected a search based on a schema, and selected a schema field, but want to find all the components where ...
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Search by text is not working in tridion cms after migrating to azure

Search by text is not working in tridion cms though it works fine with search with tcm id after we migrated tridion to azure. whenever we try to search with any text other than tcm id, we get ...
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