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Problem adding new group in a specific target type

We are having problems when adding one or more groups to a specific target type. We get the following message: Tridion Link has invalid value. The item tcm: 0-XXXX-65568 does not exist. This happens ...
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3 answers

DXA 1.7 .NET How to get Target Groups in PageModel

I am trying to use Target Groups in my site. I've just created one, published it and added it in one of the components of the page: The problem is that in the DXA I cannot see anywhere the ...
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Adding Target Groups to R2 Data Model

I have a clean instance of SDL Web 8 with DXA v2.0 and am using the new R2 data model. I want to expose Target Group Conditions in the JSON generated by the DXA R2 TBBs but I am not having much ...
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