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Questions tagged [taxonomy]

A taxonomy consists of a nested hierarchy of Keywords defined in a tree structure. A Category is a general classification defining the root of a taxonomy and a Keyword defines a value within the taxonomy hierarchy.

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keyword based Trigger type in DXA

We have a list of keywords (Cities) tagged to content. Based on the user's geolocation, we have to show the right content using XO and DXA. My thought was to create a custom claim processor to write ...
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How to get keyword by tcm id from GraphQL

We are currently rewriting some old .net code that is using the old in process api to retrieve published data from broker. We are now trying to rewrite this to GraphQL. We stumble into a lot of things ...
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Finding all components that use taxonomy keyword or keyword below it in taxonomy tree

We are tagging our components with 1 keyword from a taxonomy tree, thereby indicating its "location" in the taxonomy tree. Now in the backend, given a taxonomy key, I want to query the broker for all ...
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