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Questions tagged [templating]

for questions about Page or Component Templates and Template Building Blocks (TBBs)

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Implementing Experience Manager fields with repeating (and embedded repeating) fields/values (SDL Tridion Web 8)

I've been struggling to find clear documentation on implementing Experience Manager fields <tcdl:Field><tcdl:FieldValue></tcdl:FieldValue></tcdl:Field> into Razor C# template ...
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I am unable to add new template type.Error when adding new mediator

I am getting error when i am trying to add new Mediator.I did following changes in Tridion.ContentManager.config: <section name="mustache.mediator" type="Tridion.Extensions.Mediators.Mustache....
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XPM inline editing - add new value in a multi-valued embedded field

I am facing an issue while adding new value in a multi-valued embedded field in XPM. In case of adding new value after last value of multi value field, it replaces the last value with new one. For ...
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Executing Default Finish action from .net assembly

I want to execute default finish action compound tbb from .NET code. Is it possible and how? Or any other TBB that comes with Tridion installation?
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Resolving Rich text with anchor tags pointing to Iceportal Component

Hello this is my first post and am a newbie tridion user here. I have created a component with rich text where I include an hyperlink to an ecl item. Then I included the component on a page and ...
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"It is not possible to perform this action in a template" error when publishing SG, but not its contents

I have a couple of Structure Groups for which publishing fails with the message "It is not possible to perform this action in a template". When I select the Structure Groups and Pages that are in the ...
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How publishing works for ECL Items when published alone or published as Multimedia Link

Trying to explore more on Tridion, found that ECL External Content Library framework bit interesting. Started implementing the same in Tridion CME with the help of a few tutorial and blogs, which ...
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How to fix this error in Template Builder?

I have a Component template called "BC video" but if I call that in Component layout the Page publishing fails. If I check in Template Builder the error is No Component Template was found with the ...
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Upload .Net Assembly TcmUploadAssembly.exe Error - Root Element not found error

We are getting root not found error while uploading .Net assembly using TcmUploadAssembly.exe. We tried creating the config file again from cmd console. We are not able to find that this error is ...
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Get Published Content of Page in Tridion

I want to get final published page HTML/Content using coreservice. I am using below code it will give render content and then I got content using "Content" property of "RenderItemData" object. ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Pulling Component Information using ComponentPresentationFactory

I'm attempting to write a function in a UserControl to pull data using ComponentPresentationFactory.. Below is my code.. string ret = "RET: -- "; int PublicationID = Convert.ToInt32(...
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0 answers

TCM URI getting appended to image name while publishing in case of Dynamic Component Presentation

I have a Component which can be used as embedded content in one Component Template and can also be published dynamically with another Component Template. The issue is while publishing only the ...
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Read Web.Config in Pipeline

I have written a WCF service that takes userID and finds complete display name from active directory. In my publishing pipeline I have got creatorID of current page which is compete userid along with ...
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Is there any way to change the page template and component template via automation using core services?

We have a requirement to change the page templates and component templates to a newer version available for all our pages and components via automation. Are there any extensions available or any ...
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1 answer

Error while uploading Template assembly with TcmUploadAssembly.exe using domain name to SDL 8.5

I am running a script to upload templates from the same cms server. The script fails when I use the domain name of the machine however it works when I use the localhost as the targeturl parameter. For ...
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"The File Exist" error while publishing

We have DD4T based application, we start getting below error while publishing pages, it says file exist. We removed all temp files from c:\windows\temp and C:\Users\[MTSUser]\AppData\Local\Temp but ...
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Unable to upload .NET template assembly using TcmUploadAssembly during 2009 to 2013 migration

As part of Tridion upgrade from 2009 SP1 to 2013, we are trying to upload the .NET Template assembly using TcmUploadAssembly.exe as per migration documentaion, but it's failing to upload and we are ...
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