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The .NET Tridion Object Model (TOM.NET) is the recommended interface to the Content Manager for developing templating, event handling and Workflow (except Automatic Activities).

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Getting additional keyword information from item Xml?

I have a very generic "GetItemXml" template building block that basically reads the current item being rendered and outputs the item's xml to the delivery tier. Component component = (Component)...
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Insert List into a package

I have a TBB.Net that insert some items into the package. I need that this TBB.Net inserts all the items in a List of items and then insert this list in the package, but with the PushItem method I ...
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How to check publishing or rendering context using TOM.NET in the new publishing framework

With regards to publishing and rendering in TOM.NET, I know the following is true for the legacy publishing framework (pre Web 8): Template Builder PublicationTarget is null, RenderMode is ...
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How to retrieve parent component object from a localized component using Tom.Net API?

I have a localized Component in one of the child Publications. I would like to know the parent Component from which the current Component has been localized. This code will be executed in an event ...
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Is RenderComponentPresentation() like AddBinary()?

I understand that SDL Tridion will republish items that use an item you're publishing, which we might call "link propagation." We can change this behavior using Custom Resolvers or previously with the ...
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How to get and set the Component content before a Component loads in Tridion

In order to create a new Component, I will go to the Folder level and select "Create New Component" from ribbon toolbar. Before the Component completely loads, I want to set some default content for ...
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Are there any sources of good study materials for SDL Tridion 2011 templating?

I have been working in SDL Tridion 2011 writing C# Template Building Blogs and Dream Weaver Templates. So far, everything I have learned has been either with help from more senior developers OR by ...
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TOM.NET API - create Session in custom Translation Manager event handler

I'm using a custom event handler to generate an email when the status of Translation Jobs changes to InTranslation and Completed. EventSystem.SubscribeAsync<ITranslationJob, ...
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How do I determine if a Component is Published based on the current TargetType

I'm using Component.IsPublishedInContext to determine if the Component is published but the value returns true irrespective of the current TargetType where the Component is being published to. ...
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Get shared pages using localized component

I'm currently working on a event handler. This will, on a save-event, save the latest revision date of the page and its components into a custom database. It is working, but I'm facing some ...
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Engine.PublishingContext: RenderContext.ContextItem , ResolvedItem and RenderedItem differences

What is the difference between the 2: Engine.PublishingContext.RenderContext.ContextItem and Engine.PublishingContext.ResolvedItem ? Seems Engine.PublishingContext.ResolvedItem is usually used to get ...
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How to access the nested embedded mutlivalue schema fields in C#

I have three Schema X is content schema , Y is Embedded schema , Z is also Embedded schema. schema z is embedded within schema Y i.e also embedded schema Schema X have field called Heading Schema Y ...
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How to catch a Publish/UnPublish event in an SDL Tridion 2011 event system?

In Tridion event system, I have written the code to fire an OnPagePublishPost event. This task has been done successfully using the subscribe method i.e subscribing to the event. But as my event ...
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Get all component from selected folder and subfolder based on Schema

I have already checked many post regarding getting component based on schema but I want to get the all component based on schema from folder and it's subfolder.I tried below solution but it still give ...
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EventSystem High CPU Utilization & Delay in Functionality

In SDL Tridion 9.1, we suppose to write Anguilla (JS) Event Handling for Tracking all the Event Logs (like Component checkin, checkout, delete, save, Page publish, unpublish...etc). We upgraded to ...
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How to create a new component using Tom.Net API in a specific folder? - Tridion 2013

If a page exists in a particular location, that page must contain a particular schema component. If not create a new component and add the same to the page. We thought of implementing the same via ...
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How to debug SDL tridion code?

I am new to Tridion back end coding. I have used the logger for the debug. But I didn't get much information from there. Can anyone please let me know the most common way to debug the code? I am ...
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