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TLS 1.1 disabled for Office 365 services - will this affect Active Directory services for user management?

We use Active Directory for pulling in Tridion 2013 SP1 CMS users on our domain. Will TLS 1.1 being disabled, and us connecting to ADFS, will that affect our ability to connect to Active Directory ...
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Fire Tridion Event extension when user logs in

I want to capture user information when the page loads. Created event extension for same but event is getting triggered many time which is impacting the performance of our system. I only want event to ...
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How to get the groups configured on a publication?

I am using the following code snippet to get the groups configured to a particular publication. var accessRights = publication.AccessControlList.AccessControlEntries; foreach (var accessRightObj in ...
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unable to access or expand all publications

After publishing on of the child publication none of the users are able to access any of the publications. We are unable to view the contents of the publications. The error I get is - "you do not have ...
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Getting error when updating the membership scope for each group

Created user in the Tridion 2013 sp1 and adding groups for the user and updating the membership scope for the user. While saving the user getting error :- A database error occurred while updating ...
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