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Disable CMS feature based on role Web 8.5

Is it possible to disable text color pick, or bold text in richt text box for specific user group? My client doesn't want that an specific role group do changes on text designs.
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Can I restrict some user groups to access metadata field of a component?

We want to restrict some users to access metadata field of multimedia components, is this out of box possible using users and groups ?
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Default Security Rights for New Publications

When you create a new publication, Tridion applies some sensible default rights for the built in groups like Editor and Chief Editor. We built our security model on top of these default groups, so ...
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How to remove access to tridion user avoid remove pages from publishing queue

How to remove access to tridion user avoid remove pages from publishing queue We have a User with Default Chief Editor Group and have Access to All publciation and they are able to remove the items ...
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Exporting permissions with Content Porter 2013 SP1

Content Porter allows export groups and rights, but I have a question. Can anyone tell me if you can export permissions on folders (read, write, localize, delete) using Content Porter? Thanks a lot.
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Group and User Mapping

In SDL Tridion 2011 the mapping of a user with a group (or vice versa) in CME can be done in two ways - Either you can select open a User and add it to a group from the Members tab or alternatively ...
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How can give rights to users for individual activity in workflow based on user login..?

I have created the Workflow and in each activity I given the diffrent user groups so that only those users can do activities which are assigend to respective user groups. I did the same (created 3 ...
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