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Tridion Where Used window showing "only old version" in comment column

Few binaries are still referencing old versions of components. What does old version mean here and how to remove these old versions from Tridion? Please suggest.
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Page showing as published to a target under 'Where Used' but returning 404

We have a number of pages on our website which are now returning 404 pages, but where if we look at the Published to tab under the Where Used'extension for the Page, the Page is showing as published ...
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Get a list of Pages that a specified Component has been published on (akin to 'View on Site')

When doing a 'View on Site' from a Component in Tridion 8.5, the popup dialogue gives a list of pages that the the component has been published on (along with the Purposes): I can see from Fiddler ...
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Is the "Used By" Tab always empty for Pages?

Without (direct) Page Linking, I believe Tridion Sites would never show items in the Used By Used In tab of the Where Used dialogue. In other words, Pages can use other items but not vice versa. Is ...
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How to get schema's where used list?

I want to get the schema's where used list of page templates, schemas etc.,provided with schema ID? Please help on this?
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How to get child publications in the Tridion JS Framework (Anguilla)?

I need to get child publications of a publication. I am using the following approach: get "where used" for the publication. Until now my code looks like this: var id = publicationParent5TcmId; var ...
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Get Pages using Component in current and Parent Publications

I would like to get all Pages using a Component that are in the current Publication, as shared from a Parent or a local Page. Component and Page are in Blueprint Parent. Page is sometimes localized ...
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"Where used" not returning all the "using" items

I am using the core service (Tridion 2013 (no SP)) to get some stats and I am experiencing a weird behavior. In the system there are multiple pages (494) using the same page template. Using the core ...
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