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Get data from parent Structure Group

my requirements:

  • A way to list all Structure Groups within current level (or by parent)
  • A way to list all child Pages within current Structure Group
  • A way to get all meta tags (filterCategory) from all child Pages within products Structure Group

Basically I am building a Page filter, which purpose is to filter products on a product/news list Page.

It has a topmenu for navigation between different lists + meta tags that exist within each Page, to show/hide products on the list Page with JavaScript.

- Products (Structure Group)
-- Product Page (Page with Components)
-- Product list 1 (Structure Group)
-- Product list 2 (Structure Group)
-- Product list 3 (Structure Group)

Using Tridion 2013

Tips and tricks much appreciated.

I was thinking of using the Content Delivery (JSP) to do this. Is this the best way?