I am working on SDL Web 8.5 and only using the CME.  I have a Schema (`SchemaA`) with a `targetNamespace="uuid:xxx"`.  I can update existing Components based on `SchemaA` and save them.  Additionally, I can copy and paste these existing Components into other folders and work with the new copies. I can also preview these Components successfully with the Default Template.

However, if I create a new Component based off of `SchemaA` and try to save the Component (after filling out any mandatory fields) I get the following error:

> Unable to find uuid:xxx:Metadata.

This is stopping me from creating new Components based on this Schema.  Additionally, if I try to preview the Component before saving with the Default Template I get the following error:

> Unexpected namespace URI: uuid:yyy. Expecting: uuid:xxx.

For some reason, the UUIDs do not match up here. Furthermore, I have compared the **Source** tab of the new Components and the old ones, and they are identical.  I even tried copying the source from an existing (working) Component into a new one but I still could not save or preview.

Any ideas why newly created Components seem to be using the wrong namespace uuid?