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External Content Libraries or ECL providers are an extension point fully introduced in SDL Tridion 2013 which allow editors to browse and use media content from another system as if it were managed in Tridion. Open source providers for Flickr and YouTube have been released.

The Core Service does not known about ECL URIs; an XLink which does not contain a TCM URI or WebDAV URL will be treated as an external link and will not result in a managed link. ECL uses Stub … Components to represent the ECL items in Content Manager. These Stub Components have a TCM URI (and WebDAV URL) and these should be used in your XLink. ECL uses a UI Data Extender to change the TCM URI of …
answered Jul 14 '17 by Rick Pannekoek
Your analysis is correct; the EclModelBuilder currently does not pass HTML attributes to the GetTemplateFragment method of the ECL Provider. UPDATE You would have to customize …
answered Jan 10 by Rick Pannekoek
DXA does not use the “Resolve ECL” TBB. Instead, DXA 2.0 uses an EclModelBuilder in its R2 Data Model Builder Pipeline. This (optional) model builder should be configured in the “Render Page Content … should have a View Model Type which inherits from EclItem. The ECL external metadata is available through EclItem.EclExternalMetadata and the internal metadata can be mapped to properties on your View …
answered Nov 30 '18 by Rick Pannekoek
No you don't have to use the Media Manager ECL Stub Schema provided as part of the DXA Media Manager Module, as long as you ensure that the Schema title is exactly the same (it's the default title … for MM ECL Stub Schemas, assuming that the ID of your ECL Mount Point for Media Manager is mm). As of DXA 1.5, there are a few additional metadata fields defined on the DXA Media Manager Module's ECL
answered Oct 26 '16 by Rick Pannekoek