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Schemas are used to define the structure of content.

Please see my points below: If you want to link to a page maintained outside the Tridion, make a schema field of type - External Link If you want to link to a page maintained in Tridion, make a component …
answered May 1 '13 by Pankaj Gaur
Through TDSE, you will not able to populate the default value automatically, however, you can try the Code Block below to retrieve the default value of a particular metadata field in the Schema: TDSEClass … tdse = new TDSEClass(); tdse.Impersonate(userName); Schema schema = (tdse.GetObject(schemaId, EnumOpenMode.OpenModeView, null, XMLReadFilter.XMLReadNull) as Schema); TridionWebSchemaFields …
answered May 29 '13 by Pankaj Gaur
If your Region specific changes includes either changing the Field Description or you want to change apply a modified region specific workflow, then you can go ahead, localize the schema and do the required … ) Provided you have a good Blueprint and schema design. …
answered Jun 8 '13 by Pankaj Gaur
If yes, having brand specific schema publication will be over kill Do you have specific requirement where you do not want to show schema specific to a brand to another brand? … Normally, if it is you (Developer) or the Technical person doing most of the content entry, it will be ok to keep a single Global Schema Publication rather having Brand Specific schema publications. …
answered Jun 19 '14 by Pankaj Gaur
Technically, whatever you are saying is all good and doable. Further, if you ask me, I would also recommend doing the Promotional Content as multimedia content with text in the metadata. However, if I …
answered Jul 11 '14 by Pankaj Gaur
I am in agreement with Nuno and also with Dominic. Generally if you go with naming conventions, Pascal cases are generally specified for methods and camel cases for local variables in a programming m …
answered Nov 16 '13 by Pankaj Gaur
Welcome to the community. You may want to give a look to this same question asked quite a few time back: How To Map Two Categories To Dropdowns I hope this will answer your question.
answered Jun 27 '13 by Pankaj Gaur
- You really need to look into your code - in case you have written custom broker queries based on Schema Name or if there is any code using Schema Name for the functionality like Event System code or … name of the schema - because if you change that you may require to synchronize all components followed by a publishing based on that schema plus be sure that it won't work if you try to Content Port from …
answered Apr 6 '17 by Pankaj Gaur
One option (may or may not suits you) I can suggest is to create a guideline for the content authors. The Guideline should states like below: If you are entering any content into a RTF field, any tex …
answered May 1 '13 by Pankaj Gaur