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To answer my own question, no at this moment in version 9.5 and earlier it is not possible to persist message to publish UI from storage extension.


So to answer my question, I have used approach as provided in Will's article: So I extended TagRenderer class and provided implementation in doEndTag(). It works now. public String doEndTag(Tag tag, StringBuffer stringBuffer, TransformContext transformContext, OutputDocument ...


The reason why you specify a "Related Component" when adding Binaries in the CM API is so the Binaries can be unpublished (indirectly, by unpublishing that related Component). The (legacy) RenderedItem.AddBinary overload which does not take a relatedComponent parameter is marked as obsolete with the following warning: Adding binary data without ...


I suggest that you use Powershell an Tridion Core service. Get a list of tcmids you want to unpublish. Then process the list of tcmids and generate tridion core service UnPublish transactions.

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