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If you already installed CME and Publisher servers then try the following script to add Enabling Add-ons Service integration with existing Content Manager servers Example: .\EnableAddOnService.ps1 -AddOnServiceUrl http:// localhost:83 -AccessManagementUrl http://localhost:85/access-management/connect/token -ClientId fc96aed3-b20e-4dd3-a345- 81e4393224c3 -...


DXD loading mechanism – DXD is loading extensions on service startup. - No support of loading on the fly After the extensions and configuration have been uploaded to the Add-on Service, the connector/extension is deployed in CM and DXD. The CM connector will pick up the connector and deploy it on-the-fly, while the DXD service needs to be restarted to get ...


Yes, it is possible, but only for CM side extensions. For CD, it's either the old way OR the add-on mechanism.


Yes. It's possible to Configure Add-On Service on the Content Manager side to install the SDL Tridion Sites by scripted to install silently then it is required to pass ADDON_SERVICE_URL=http://localhost:83 Indeed, The documentation it was missing, I will raise this internally to update the documentation, also left the comment in the documentation section. I ...

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