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It does look like you reached the configured expansion depth. If you debug the template in Template Builder (with Debug logging enabled), you will get more insight in why Entity Models are not expanded. Note that there is a third place where link expansion depth can be configured: in the “Generate Data Presentation” TBB. Furthermore, your implementation may ...


Increasing Generate DXA R2 Page Model template parameter expandLinkDepth to 3 in Render Page Content TBB solve the issue <expandLinkDepth xmlns="">3</expandLinkDepth>


I'm afraid this will be pretty hard to achieve, if at all possible. The cd_core log file of the deployer will contain a more helpful message (although in the form of a warning, there is no error logged at all in this scenario, which I find odd). But I wouldn't know how to present this message to the editor. Couldn't you focus on preventing this situation in ...

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