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I had this error a while back too. I never found out what exactly caused it, but it seems some kind of update/install took place on the machine that required a reboot. However the machine had not been restarted. This is a vague explanation I got by googling the error. The good part is that after reboot, the error went away. I remember on one server I had to ...


A possible cause of this kind of issue is a memory leak. Sometimes, instead of out-of-memory errors, COM raises automation errors or interface errors. My suggestion is that you set up some perfmon traces on the private bytes of the relevant processes. If this is the problem, you'll see the memory going up to unsustainable levels just before you start to see ...


I recall some time ago that a Microsoft update stopped COM+ services - this may be the one here ... - perhaps something has slipped through here (if this is the case then maybe more user can comment on here too). If you have the time I would sift through the logs and see if there was any sort of update (Microsoft http:/...


The COM+ class factory error is highly indicative of memory pressure problems. So this could be a memory leak. Once your system is unstable enough for this to happen, you pretty much can't trust any of the other exceptions you see nearby. Having said that, I would also follow up on the other suggestions you've had here. Also - as it's your transport service,...


Confirm the Windows Service 'Tridion Content Manager Service Host' service is running. I have seen this error in the past for myself. It's a new Tridion service introduced in Tridion 2011 and is responsible for calling the Core Service from the Tridion GUI.


This kind of error can be caused by excessive memory pressure. Are you running something on the server that is leaking memory? That would be consistent with your symptoms. Specifically - the error is intermittent, and that it improves after restarting the server.

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