Answer to your question: Q1: For a Multilanguage website, should I have the RelativeUrl parameter set to "en", "es", "de" for each of the languages. ? A1: Yes Example: Add-TtmMapping -Id MAPPINGID -CmEnvironmentId CMENVIRONMENTID PublicationID "tcm:0-8-1" -WebApplicationId WEBAPPID -RelativeUrl en Add-TtmMapping -Id MAPPINGID -CmEnvironmentId ...


The issue here was that the content was being cached at multiple locations and so the services and the webapp needed a proper restart and in the correct order. We are using JMS for the CD services so here is the order in which we restarted and it worked JMS Caching services Discovery Service Content Service DXA Model service Deployer Service The webapp Now ...


You can refer to the following document links for the configuration. Adding Experience Optimization to your .NET API (RESTful) Role Configuring a .NET website for Experience Optimization Configuring Experience Optimization behavior with the smarttarget_conf file

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