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Your Regex looks overly complex, but does seems to work fine on plain XHTML. However, if you're using DD4T, the XHTML will be embedded in JSON. As a result, the double quotes will be escaped (preceded by a backslash), in which case the Regex no longer works. Just obtain the DD4T JSON and test it using an online Regex tester, for example: http://regexstorm....


Welcome, Mahesh. Try the Convert XML to XHTML Template Building Block, which is separate from Default Finish Actions. Otherwise run Template Builder to confirm how your Output changes for each TBB.


Refer to this article might help some of the answers - Unwanted Namespaces in Rendered Output Alternatively, you could also use XmlDocument to load the XHTMLValue to process to remove the Namespaces. Example: private String RemoveNameSpace(String xml) { if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(xml)) { XmlDocument xdoc = new XmlDocument();...

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