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Could not deploy content data, Could not parse json package

As Confirmed by SDL Team, Rolling upgrades are only supported from the next version (9.5 -> 9.6) so a 9.1 deployer is not supported with 9.6 CM.
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How to fix “Content not allowed in prolog” Micro service Configuration Exception

Tridion XML configuration files are often manually edited. If you do this, you must always use a TEXT Only editor otherwise your file may get saved with a BOM.
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How to configure active mq using a load balance domain name?

Just to share my knowledge to answer your questions: Q1: How to configure Active MQ on the load balance domain name? A1: We could set up a different way of clustering setup for HA. We did use the ...
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Monitoring deployer service not working in SDL Tridion Sites 9

I also had issues with /mapping endpoint for monitoring. It was not stable, even though service was running and /mapping endpoint was accesible via Postman monitoring service returned either not ...
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deployer-dx-combined vs deployer-sites-combined in SDL 9.5

You want to change your setup to a content mashup (that is, an integration with SDL Tridion Docs), and you don't want to use the new Add-on service, then get your new resources from the following • ...
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Publishing Failure due to Polling for notification and IOExceptions - SDL 9.6

Your Stack Trace gives a pretty clear context of the error: It happens in the SI4T (the open source Search Integration for Tridion) indexer When trying to remove items from Solr When communicating ...
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Not Able to start Deployer Service after Sdl Web 8.5 CME installation

I don't think you should expect there to be any dependency between the CME and the deployer service. In normal circumstances, you would be expecting them to run on entirely separate servers, with the ...
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Error Notification: Unable to load the list of capabilites

This seems to be a problem with the Discovery Service client used by the CME. Please report this to SDL Customer Support.
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Publishing getting failed on Deploying state

As per your errors its clearly issue in your cd_storage.config you can do following steps: DIY: Compare with other environment's config Browse to resources\schemas\cd_storage_conf.xsdfrom your ...
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