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Dockerize SDL Web Content Manager

SDL Web 8.5 does not support dockerization. In the future planned release we are exploring supporting docker to run the content manager, however, nothing is concrete as of yet. And indeed this error ...
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CD Micro Services Support on cloud platforms

The official answer from SDL support Case 00308815 12 October 2017 11:56 Subject: CD Micro Services Support on cloud platforms "As long as you are building containers from our on-...
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CD Micro Services Support on cloud platforms

For an official answer you probably need to go through official channels (Customer Support). Judging by the Pre-Requisites for Content Delivery Microservices you need Java 8 and a supported OS - no ...
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Localization Error while requesting DXA page using registered Domain URL configured in Docker

Incase of docker it does not matter in which port the DXA application has been hosted. The docker sends the same url to the content API which it receives as request. To confirm this, anyone can check ...
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Containerization of SDL DXA 2.2 .Net application

Should be possible. See, for example,

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