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This seems a ever-present question. From SDL Tridion World if you have a valid account you can download the software. But unfortunately, if things have not changed, you can only obtain a Tridion license if one of the following situations apply to you: SDL employee SDL Tridion partner SDL Tridion customer SDL Tridion MVP Here you will find more information.


The answer to this is very short: No. If you want a license for SDL Tridion you have to purchase it by contacting SDL sales.


I hope this doesn't sound overly harsh, but it sounds like you could benefit from hiring a consultant for a few days to help you along. There are so many ways you can implement Tridion, that any boilerplate documentation that might get provided here may have little or no value for your implementation. If you really can't justify hiring a consultant (either ...


You can log in to the SDL Tridion World site and from the download section you may download the javadocs and other related documents.


Do it as shown in pic below, it will give you a URL with a GUID like : For Internet Explorer, use "Copy Shortcut" option, as shown in question image.


In addition to what Chris has mentioned...please be careful if you are planning to use any of the architectural diagrams available on Live Content website and before that reads terms & conditions available on the site for re-using of any of the image or content. To start with, you may want to go through THIS blog post of mine if it helps; but to be more ...


There are currently issues with indeed which makes it inaccessible unfortunately, it is reported and being worked on. You may be able to get a PDF of the prerequisites via Customer Support if available. Another option is to download the full Web 8 documentation as HTML, please note this link does not contain the latest fixes of the Web ...


SDL Education offers a Functional Design class that how to document schemas and templates, but also the prerequisite page types and content types. Schemas and templates are not enough for a "CMS Design," you'll want to include: Who and Where: Organization including folders, structure groups, and the especially the BluePrint model. What: Content Model or ...


As Bart says in his answer - the online documentation is currently experiencing problems. I would suggest for your future installations / upgrades you prepare in the event that online material isn't available beforehand. Note that the second you print something / save it offline it has the potential of becoming out-of-date... but it does have the advantage ...

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