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I can only give you the answer in .NET (because I haven't worked with DXA Java still), but I'm certain that the same or a very similar approach should be used. The bigger mistake is that the resolveLink() method expects the ID of the Component it's supposed to resolve. In your code, you are giving it the Publication ID. One other thing which should be ...


This issue was resolved by referencing session_cartridge.jar and session_cartridge_conf.xml file in content service. Details about how to reference session cartride can be found at Post referencing mentioned Jar and XML file, I can now see the OOTB ...


You need to use the InheritMetadataPageModelBuilder in your Model Builder Pipeline. In your case, the pipeline is a parameter of the Render Page Content TBB. See here


I'm not sure why that URL escape happends in this case, you might need to debug in the web application to see why that URL calls passes like that to modelsevice. On Sites 9.5, you should preferably use the GraphQL Content Service + DXA Model Extension instead of the standalone Model Service. For more details please follow the link. I didn't had a chance to ...

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