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Special characters

Actually, this is related to output type of your template. By default, if your template output is Text/HTML, then by default, all of special characters will get HTML encoded so that they don't break ...
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Content Delivery DCP DB Decoding Issue

We've sorted it out. The issue ended up being with the WSTL JDBC driver which we had installed in our local WebLogic. We compared it against the development box and noticed the discrepancy, so I ...
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How to pass page variable in URL string upon click

Tridion does not offer this feature, because it is a content management system, not a web application. You should implement this in the application which consumes the data from Tridion.
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JSP DCP's being included on page with wrong charset

SDL Web 8 isn't the same as 2013 SP1 because of the Content Delivery microservices, hence the pointers from the blog post you mentioned aren't all applicable anymore. The SDL Web 8 Deployer, should ...
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Strange characters shown online for region specific languages post web 8 upgrade

As from comment: It was an encoding issue indeed. We had missed to configure UTF8 in our deployer during upgrade which caused this issue.
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