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Filtering XSLT in Tridion not evoking custom replacement string

I can't find the relevant information in the documentation but if I recall correctly the Filtering XSLT of a Schema is limited to XSLT 1.0 only. The reason behind this is that the XSL transformation ...
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XSLT filtering : How to apply XSLT filtering for RTF field across all the schemas in one go

If the rich text formatting options are the same across Schemas (or "schema," if @DomCronin is following) you could consider embedding the same rich text format area field and its XSLT ...
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Rich Text - How to add in missing <p> tags?

I have the same issue. Rather than fixing it in code on the presentation side, we have the following XSLT which is not perfect, but addresses the case where the editor enters content without hitting ...
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