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GUI Extension AddOn deployment Tridion Cloud 9.5

The AddOn / Manifest is not forcing the creation of the required /somewhere/bin folder and moving the bin into the folder; this is being done manually in our DEV and will be done manually (or a ...
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Extension of publish transaction details info

To extend publish transaction details, your GUI extension needs to extend the following JavaScript and ASPX files: %Tridion Home%\web\WebUI\Editors\CME\Views\Popups\PublishTransaction\...
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Workflow Activities Extensibility?

I kindly received the following details from one of our developers who explained you can modify the list data, filtering logic, and styling in the Activities screen. You also have an extensible area ...
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How do I reset Component Metadata field every time when component is re-opened?

Checkout the event system subscription. You probably need to subscribe to a specific event and not just run code according to a preset parameter. This may well help as a starter: http://www....
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