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Is Tridion.ContentManager.Monitoring.dll exist for SDL Tridion 2011

Tridion Montoring is available for 2011. There is a monitoing endpoint which you can hit to ensure that Tridion is Healthy or you can setup as a service. You have to setup and install monitoring ...
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Monitoring deployer service not working in SDL Tridion Sites 9

I also had issues with /mapping endpoint for monitoring. It was not stable, even though service was running and /mapping endpoint was accesible via Postman monitoring service returned either not ...
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Issue with configuring logging on the Content Manager server

The transport log logs events that occur during transportation by the transport service itself. By having the transport service stopped, there is simply nothing running to update the log. Your ...
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Monitoring ContentManagerKernel fails in SDL Web 8.5

If indeed 8.5, try using the latest endpoint in the URL attribute of the Request node. You will most likely have to update the SOAPAction as well to reflect this change.
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