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7 votes

Category-based Navigation in DXA

The DXA Web App has to be configured for Category/Taxonomy-based navigation too; OOTB it uses a so-called Static Navigation Provider and for Taxonomy-based Navigation you need the Dynamic Navigation ...
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1 vote

Tridion 2013 SP1 Page URL

Are you using DXA's OOTB navigation or do you have a custom solution for generating the navigation? Furthermore, are we just talking navigation here, or do you want to affect the actual URLs of the ...
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1 vote

Get internalLink destination URL on _Navigation Publish

You can create your own navigation component template with an include page and have it included in your page template with your own custom module and controller. In your entity view, you can add to ...
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1 vote

Error when publish _Navigation page

Not really sure what you mean with "it only fails in the publication that save information in DataBase, in the rest of publications works", but the fact that you get a timeout during rendering of ...
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