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The answer is - unfortunately: it is not possible to configure the CIL to pool connections to the microservices.


In my opinion JMS is more robust and much more scalable than the CCS. I explained why in this blog: Also, see for additional configuration tips.


This article explains it pretty well: Port 1099 is indeed used only as the initial listening port, and then another (somewhat) random port is used for the actual notifications. You can force Tridion to use a specific port by using the following code in a Java Listener (if using J2EE) package com.sdl....


Unfortunately, you will have to indeed open up all ports > 1024 if you want to keep using RMI in order to have reliable communication for CCS. If that's not an option, I would recommend to switch to JMS. Yes, its more work to setup, but you also get a lot more functionality and it works through firewalls as well. Julian Wraith wrote a nice guide to setup ...

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