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Is Content Service's performance no problem compared with in-process API?

Doesn't Content Service become bottleneck on SDL Web 8.5? Yes and no. You're indeed in fact moving the processes, libraries and dependencies which fetch data from the Broker DB from the web app to a ...
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Accepted performance analyzer

I have contacted Fredhopper customer support and they have provided me with the scripts: and If you have the similar request, please feel free to contact them and ...
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Is Content Service's performance no problem compared with in-process API?

This isn't just your concern, this topic was discussed a lot when the change in architecture was suggested. Now while all (architecture) changes will have their pros and cons, once the decision was ...
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Is Content Service's performance no problem compared with in-process API?

This is a great question. We’ve had initial performance concerns (problems!) with the Content Service on a couple of projects that I’ve worked on. These have manifested in high CPU usage mainly. ...
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Query news component at WEB 8

I don't see that the ComponentPresentationFactory has any methods which accept an array of component IDs that would return you multiple ComponentPresentations. There are two methods which accept a ...
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3 votes

Slow images on DXA .NET 1.5

This is weird and we don't see this effect in our DXA Load Test (which we run nightly); we get total response times (Page + embedded resources like images) of approx. 50 ms, so not more than a few ms ...
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Performance issue with S3 ECL provider

By design ECL will refresh thumbnails when either: The etag change The version of the ECL provider change I can't remember if it will also regenerate when the version of ECL (so Tridion) changes. ...
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Increasing the 'MaximumJobSize' in Translation Manager

This limited mostly by how big of a request TMS API can handle. Translation Manager send all files in one request so if it is not split, at some point TMS API will fail with timeout or something. ...
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Opening create Translation Job window is very slow

I asked SDL support about this issue, and new Hotfix TM_8.5.0.11182 was provided.The Hotfix solved this problem.
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Experience Manger invoke call lag for non-administrator

I've encountered a similar issue at a client where there were a lot of groups and a lot of publications. When logging into the CM, if a regular user it would take 15 minutes to log in, but admins ...
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