Questions about the process of making the content of Content Manager items available on your Presentation Server.

You can publish the following Content Manager items:

  • Publications
  • Structure Groups
  • Pages
  • Components
  • Multimedia Components
  • Categories and Keywords
  • Component Templates
  • Page Templates

When you publish these items, the Content Manager publishes the following items:

  • One or more Pages
  • One or more dynamic Component Presentations

Published Pages combine the Page Template and Component Presentations:

  • A Page Template determines where, how, and which Component Presentations are rendered and also often includes navigation and branding features
  • A Component Presentation combines a Component or Multimedia Component, with a Component Template. The (Multimedia) Component contains the content, while the Component Template determines how and which content from the Component is rendered.

The publishing process

The Tridion Publishing process involves various parts of a Tridion system and can be distributed across multiple machines. Below are some of the areas/processes involved in the publishing mechanism:

  • Resolver - hosted by the TcmPublisher process, it determines what items must be (re)published or unpublished as a result of publishing a given item. Custom resolvers can be created to modify the list of items.
  • Renderer - hosted by the TcmPublisher process, it transforms ResolvedItems with the associated templates.
  • Transport - hosted by the Transport service, this process will send the result of the previous two processes over the network to the specified target deployer endpoint. This could happen over a variety of network protocols (HTTP(S), FTP, etc), with HTTP(S) being the most common.
  • Deployer - this process runs on the Content Delivery tier and will update the Content Delivery metadata, files, etc, with the result of the publishing process. The deployer runs its own deployment pipeline, which can be extended with pre and post actions.