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As a follow-up answer to this post, in more recent versions of Tridion Sites, you can enable the collaborative workflow setting to allow users to read the in-progress version of items, assuming they have access (permission) to the item. This also affects things like Experience Manager and publishing. See the Documentation Center on how to enable ...


Complimenting Marko's answer on the Event System, you could also look at extending Tridion CM search to store such information within the SOLR index as well. This way you can leverage existing infra and benefit from SOLR's powerful querying which can be executed via Core Service. See Arjen's post:


As Marko discussed, this is normal behaviour. I do recall an old article from way back by Frank van Puffelen that discussed this and a Binary Event Tracker to allow these "implicitly published binaries" to show up as published/unpublished. Its quite old so had to to dig it out via the Wayback Machine!


Why would you expect it? Add binary method just adds binary to the package. Publish state is changed when item is published to delivery as a separate item and is present in broker db as Component Presentation. AddBinary will not do that.

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