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Is Razor Mediator compatible with Tridion Sites

The Razor Mediator is and community built extension and thus is not supported by SDL. However it is using the Modular Templating Framework and its supported extension points, so from that perspective, ...
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Compounded Dynamic Component Templates

There is a change about the behaviour of the REL Component Presentation in Web 8, due to the change of the control of the target languages by the Publication Target and the new Topology Manager way of ...
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2 votes

Razor Import Caching problem

What I didn't explain in the answer to Embedded Razor Templates was the reason why. What's happening is that the templates get compiled dynamically, and the resulting type is loaded in the appDomain. ...
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Razor template with tridion sites 9 without razor-mediator

Razor mediator is a community extension and not supported by SDL. For Sites 9, I do not recollect that Razor mediator would NOT be supported. You can refer the following answer from Bart as well. ...
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Is Razor Mediator compatible with Tridion Sites

I guess it's bit late to answer but we had to update IsSiteEditEnabled function for the razor mediator to work with SDL Web 8.5 for XPM functionality. If you are not using this function in your TBBs ...
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