for questions about Rich Text Format fields, also known as Format area fields.

Format areas (or Rich Text Format/RTF fields) accept alpha-numeric characters and also allow you to apply formatting to the field.

The formatting options available for the field appear in the Format tab of the Ribbon of the Component dialog (this tab is automatically displayed when you select the field). In addition, you may also edit the HTML. The HTML edit setting is configurable, therefore you may not be able to edit HTML source in all format areas.

Format areas may consist of three tabs:

  • Design tab - when entering text in the text area on this tab, you can use the controls on the toolbar. These controls are described in the remainder of this chapter.
  • Source tab - you can enter text and HTML formatting on this tab. If you try to switch to the Design or Preview tabs, and if you try to Save or Save & Close the Component, Content Manager Explorer validates the HTML and aborts if the HTML contains any errors. Note: Content Manager Explorer allows the tab switch or save if the validation yields only validation warnings. To explicitly check for warnings, use the Validate button in the toolbar.
  • Preview tab — you can view content that you have entered into this field in view-only mode. In addition, you can disable styles in order to view the text without any styles. By default, this check-box is selected.