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Running Multiple CMS server and Multiple Topology Managers

The Content Manager ID stored in the System Environment Variables: TRIDION_CM_ENVIRONMENT_ID = TridionCM_localhost To see the Content Manager environment setting: Gets one or all Content Manager ...
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Can the Web 8.5 Experience Optimization Query service be load balanced?

Sure. It's like the other microservices. As long as you register the load balancer URL for the capability, it should work just fine.
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Fredhopper - Scaled Out Setup

Used the following topology - liveindexer|bbeuind01|1|-|Indexer and Preview environment for demo setup query1|bbeuque01|1|liveindexer|Live Query Server for demo setup query2|bbeuque02|1|...
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Running Multiple CMS server and Multiple Topology Managers

@Ashraf, the CM Environment ID is stored in the Topology Manager Database. So as long as your two clustered CM servers are connecting to the same Topology Manager database, it should have the same CM ...
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