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Coreservice Component XML / Schema Sync function?

Yes, the function is available if you are on Tridion 2013 or later version of Tridion. The function is SynchronizeWithSchemaAndUpdate. There is one nice article by Eric for using this functionality ...
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Changing xml field name makes content to disappear from components in SDL WEB 8.5

The Component content is stored in XML format in the DB. If you update a schema XML name then the XML for that component no longer maps to that new field[1]. You can synchronize the content against ...
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Unable to update existing embedded schema Root element name

Definitely, there is a way to achieve this, but before you do that change you need to be very careful about your data. I will suggest while doing that change in the lower environment analyze it ...
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How can we fix the UUID Mismatch issue, every time we content port certain Schemas from one env. to another?

In general, (XML) Schemas have a so-called Namespace URI which also affects the Components based on the Schema. In Tridion, this Namespace URI is a property of a Schema. You cannot edit it directly, ...
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Unable to update existing embedded schema Root element name

I was able to successfully update the root element name of the existing embedded schema and I would like to mention below all the steps I took. I hope this will help. There was not data loss when i ...
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