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Is it necessary to use SDL mobile to use Contextual Image Delivery while using DXA 1.3 JAVA?

Contextual Image Delivery is part of SDL Mobile. But you don't have to use CID with DXA; without CID the DXA logic still provides server-side responsive images.
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Clarifications on SDL Mobile implementation using Context service and discovery.js

I think you can use the Web8 In Process Dlls from "SDL Web 8.1.1 release\Content Delivery\roles\api\in-process\dotNet\bin" inside your web application to continue using this piece of code. Indeed when ...
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SDL Mobile implementation using Web 8 Delivery DLL

Your stacktrace contains the magic (and dirty ;o) word JuggerNET, which I think indicates you are still refering to DLLs that are pre Web 8. So you seem to be trying to run something which is using ...
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Context Engine Cartridge - Initial Load Scenario

Perhaps is possible to try and detect the cookie in your app code, if it's not found, send the user to a page where this value is set ("proxy page"). Once set, then you can redirect to the relevant ...
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