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Version of Tomcat embedded with Tridion 8.5

There is a hotfix that updates all microservices to use Tomcat version 8.5.13. - see, and search for hotfix CD_8.5.0.4115 I'm not sure if the CM uses some ...
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5 votes

Automatically logging out SDL Web 8 user from the CME after X hours

There will be two step process: Create javascript file which can detect idle time. Refer following link for this implementation: Detect idle time in javascript Load this javascript in ...
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4 votes

Can we give Folder or Structure Group level Access to Users and Groups

Yes, this permission granularity is something that Tridion provides out of the box. For example, the screenshot below shows the permissions for the 800 Author group on a specific folder: You can set ...
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4 votes

Exporting permissions with Content Porter 2013 SP1

It is non-exportable properties, see: docs
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2 votes

Get a list of valid users and groups for for a specific component or page

I have implemented the same type of feature in my project. Here are the steps that I have followed - First read the all the tasks from that workflow process. Then read the group involved in that ...
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